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Rare books from 1450-1799 A.D.

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Pindar, Sappho, et al. Carminum poetarum nouem, lyricae poese[ō]s principu[m], fragmenta : Alcaei, Anacreontis, Sapphus, Bacchylidis, Stesichori, Simonidis, Ibyci, Alcmanis, Pindari, nonnulla etiam aliorum : cum Latina interpretatione, partim solata oratione, partim carmine. [Geneva]: Henri Estienne, 1560.

[Greek Lyric Poets, translated into Latin]. 1560 printing. Hand bound. Henri, Stephanus, Fuggeri. Parallel translation in Greek & Latin.

16mo (125 x 60 mm), 576 pp. Greek and Latin on opposite pages; Estienne device [Schreiber 9] on title-pages. Early binding/rebinding in mottled calf with raised bands.

First Estienne edition the Greek lyric poets, accompanied by a Latin translation. Estienne’s text was extremely influential and established itself as the major edition in the sixteenth century; its text was reprinted constantly by the Geneva branch of the Estienne Press (1566, 1586, 1599, 1600, 1612, 1626), and by Plantin in Antwerp (1567).

The second part (here bound first) consists of the extant poems of eight other Greek lyric poets: Alcaeus, Sappho, Stesichorus, Ibycus, Anacreon (whose lyrics had been discovered and first printed by Henri Estienne 6 years previously), Bacchylides, Simonides, and Alcman.

Shows Society of Jesuits stamp. Volume II, Greek Lyric Poets, only available here.

References: Renouard 118: 2; Hoffmann III, 97; Adams P-1227.

Many thanks to Dr. Fred Schreiber for catalog description.



482D. Joh. Jacob Rambachs, S. Theol. prof. prim. ersten Superintend. und Consistorial-Assessor. zu Giessen, Gründliche Erklärung des Propheten Esaiä : darin nach einer Einleitung, so wol in die Propheten überhaupt, als in den Esaiam insonderheit, alle Theile desselben ordentlich zergliedert, und aus der Philologie und Hermenevtic erkläret, ins besondere aber der Kern aus dem weitläuftigen und kostbaren Wercke des D. Campegii Vitringae mit vieler Mühe und Fleiss durch und durch gantz kurtz herausgezogen, auch an einigen Orten verbessert … : anitzt nebst desselben Einleitung und Erklärung über den Propheten Jeremiam aus dem eigenhändigen Aufsatze, mit einer Vorrede, Anmerckungen und nöthigen Registern ans Licht gestellet…. Züllichau [Sulechów, Poland]: In Verlegung des Waysenhauses, bey Gottlob Benjamin Frommann, 1741.

Vellum. Good. Tacketed vellum boards. Front joint split 2/3 down. Text block is sound and sturdy. All edges painted blue. Title in red and black. Foxing and toning, especially in the preliminary pages. Errata page present. Text in German, Latin and Hebrew. 24, 768 [64] pp. Quarto sheets, 7 x 9 inches tall. Johann Jacob Rambach ( 27. March 1737 in Teupitz; 6. August 1818 in Hamburg-Ottensen) was a noted German Lutheran theologian. This book includes quotations in the Martin Luther approved Maseratic Hebrew text analysis and commentary on of the books of the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. Held by only 8 WorldCat libraries.


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